Learn to Shamanic Journey, a method of direct revelation.

  • Category: Shamanism
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours




When you are willing to respectfully 'shamanic journey,' you are empowered to participate in solving your own problems. You will be acquainted with spirit allies and friends with 'higher perspectives' who are willing to help you along your life's journey.

Have you ever been to a medium for a reading ie to 'speak' with your deceased loved ones? An evidential medium is someone who has trained themselves to communicate with spirit, be it angels, discarnate souls, spirit guides and ascended masters. There is a difference between having a reading from a psychic who tunes into your own energies for information and a reading from a medium for this reason. I have myself studied mediumship at Stansted Hall, a Spiritualist collage, so I know this to be true.

Shamanic journey is a form of mediumship. I, or you, are given information from beings in the spiritual realm upon asking/intending. For me, shamanic journeying is an easier way to communicate with spirit as the drumbeat physically alters the brain wave into a semi-hypnotic state conducive for spirit communication. The same would most likely be true for you. 

During the session I will lead you into a shamanic journey, which you will quickly learn how to do for yourself at home. I wish to teach you the proverbial how to fish, instead of just giving you the fish.

What I offer is focused on building a solid emotional, rational, volitional (exercise of free will), and spiritual foundation on which for you to build your life. For years I studied self-help teachings that focused mainly on the how to of creating the life I desired without first evaluating the foundation on which I was to build my life. For a combination of reasons, my foundation was not a very solid one, so eventually my happy life sank into the quick sand or was swallowed up by a swamp, so to speak. I repeated this pattern several times, be it in my career or in the relationship arena.

As an empowerment coach, I can help you evaluate and fortify your foundation first. We will then look at options available (most likely to include previously unseen options) for you to improve your emotional, rational and spiritual state with the help of your spirit allies, in order for you to envision and create the life you desire. Remember, during all of the processes you remain autonomous, catalyst for change. Where you might have previously felt helpless in your life, you will gain confidence through this empowering experience.

* Shamanism is a spiritual practice which involves the power of the helping spirits, benevolent beings from the 'Upper World' or the 'Lower World,' consciously and compassionately

* If you believe a session would be highly beneficial but find the listed price unaffordable, please contact me to discuss. I am confident we can reach an arrangement that works for us both.