A ceremony to bring back your lost Power Animal. Noticeable shifts in your energy can be expected. 

  • Category: Shamanism
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours




This is a sacred ceremony to honour you. Your trusted family members and friends are welcome to attend. Of course, you can choose to have a private heart-to-heart session with me instead.

Power animals are with us for a short period of time and/or for a purpose, or sometimes for years. Some native tribes believe that our power animals reside in our hearts to guide us and to give us strength; they are our spirit allies. Our sprits and our spirit animals walk together in the unseen world so we should naturally have a strong soul connection. However, our bonds with our spirit animals can grow weaker or spirit animals can wander away altogether for any number of reasons. This results in the loss of our vital energy.

I will 'journey' into the unseen world, riding on the drum beat, to meet with your lost power animal. I will ask them to come back to you because you are willing to (re)enter into a meaningful relationship with them. The returning power animal may show me metaphorically or literally an incident that has caused them to leave you in the first place. When they return, you will again feel the gift that the spirit animal brings, joie de vivre.

* Shamanic Healing is a form of spiritual healing that deals with the spiritual aspect of an illness

* Shamanic Healing uses the power of the helping spirits, benevolent beings from the 'Upper World' or the 'Lower World,' consciously and compassionately

* There will be light physical contact

REMOTE SESSION AVAILABLE via Facebook Messenger Room (can be accessed by non-Facebook users)/Skype/Telephone

* If you feel a session will really help you but are not able to afford the price listed, do please contact me to discuss this and I am sure we can come to an agreement that suits you.