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There are many ways to approach counselling; psychodynamic (analysing past experiences, eg Freudian), cognitive (thoughts and perception), behavioural (development and conditioning, prediction and control), Humanistic (person-centred), alternative (creative, eg shamanism) and integrative (any combination of above disciplines) that actually works!

What I offer is focused on building a solid emotional, rational, volitional (exercise of free will), and spiritual foundation on which for you to build your life. For years I studied self-help teachings that focused mainly on the how to of creating the life I desired without first evaluating the foundation on which I was to build my life. For a combination of reasons, my foundation was not a very solid one, so eventually my happy life sank into the quick sand or was swallowed up by a swamp, so to speak. I repeated this pattern several times, be it in my career or in the relationship arena.

As a counsellor, I can help you evaluate and fortify your foundation first. We will then look at options available (most likely to include previously unseen options) for you to improve your emotional, rational and spiritual state, in order for you to envision and create the life you desire. Remember, during all of the processes you remain autonomous, catalyst for change. Where you might have previously felt helpless in your life, you will gain confidence through this empowering experience.

I take the stance of:
- All human beings start life with a set of spiritual needs
- Each of us has an inbuilt navigation system -North Star- that allows us to meet those needs

Therefore it is crucial that we first know ourselves -Know Thyself- to find fulfilment we experience in life. Allow me to assist you as a counsellor to find out what it is that you are carrying; skills and talents, and abilities -Identity- to become aware of who you really are.

'To cherish secrets and hold back emotion is a psychic misdemeanour for which nature finally visits us with sickness—that is, when we do these things in private. But when they are done in communion with others they satisfy nature and may even count as useful virtues. It is only restraint practised for oneself alone that is unwholesome. It is as if man had an inalienable right to behold all that is dark, imperfect, stupid, and guilty in his fellow men—for such, of course, are the things we keep secret in order to protect ourselves. It seems to be a sin in the eyes of nature to hide our inferiority—just as much as to live entirely on our inferior side.'
- Carl Jung

THE GOALS OF COUNSELLING (excerpts from Gerard Egan's The Skilled Helper)

Goal One: Problem Management and Opportunity Development

Helpers are effective to the degree that their clients, through client-helper interactions, are in better positions to manage their problem situations and/or develop the unused resources and opportunities of their lives more effectively.

Clients are successful to the degree that they capitalize on what they learn from the helping sessions, using these learnings to manage problem situations more effectively and develop opportunities more fully.

Counseling is an "-ing" word: it includes a series of activities in which helpers and clients engage... If a helper and client engage in the counseling process effectively, something valued will be in place that was not in place before the helping sessions: unreasonable fears will disappear or diminish to manageable levels, self-confidence will replace self-doubt... Helping is about constructive change. 

Goal Two: Helping Clients Become More Effective at Managing Their Lives

It deals with client's ability to continue to manage their lives more effectively after the period of formal helping is over.

Helpers are effective to the degree that clients, through the helping process, learn how to help themselves more effectively.

Counselors can do no better service for their clients than help them become better problem solvers; that is, better problem managers and opportunity developers.

* If you feel a session will really help you but are not able to afford the price listed, do please contact me to discuss this and I am sure we can come to an agreement that suits you.