Workshops for Children and their Adults: Helping Children Keep Their Joy.

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  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
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‘There are two ways to live your life. One is as if everything is a miracle. The other is that nothing is a miracle.’
- Albert Einstein

Through a holistic approach and play, children will learn the magic of who they really are in the universe. 

By learning some simple life hacks, your child will learn how to use and protect their minds and energy, and nurture healthy emotions and physical body. 

By learning how to tap into the invisible intelligence that takes an acorn into a mighty oak tree, you and your child will be able to turn challenges into adventures and worry into creativity.

Here are some of the benefits for your child

- Learn how to become conscious learners

- Make better decisions

- Learn emotional intelligence 

- Learn some basic self-healing techniques

- Learn about the power of their minds

- Healthier relationships

-  Improved self-worth and confidence

-  Create a closer connection between adult and child

About Michaela and I as a team:

We have been inspiring each other since we met at Lendrick Lodge, the renowned holistic retreat centre/shamanic school, in 2018. We have encouraged each other to continually shed any past traumas we have been carrying, to feel more whole and to remember who we really are. We have been able to do that through the strong spiritual bond we feel for each other and the ever growing love between us. Our fellowship has grown exponentially as we have began to love ourselves more, which has come as result of the spiritual work we have been doing including meditation, breathwork, and shamanic journeying. Now we are wanting to share these tools for growth with a wider audience.