Practical Breathwork session to dissolve previously undigested emotions for rapid transformation.

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Undigested emotions used to cause havoc in my life. The scary part was, I didn't know it for a good part of four decades. I blindly accepted my volatile emotional states that seemed to have a strong hold on me. The story I kept telling myself was 'I am a watery Cancer' and strong negative emotions and fear responses were part of my destiny.

Then I met Breathwork.

The most profound spiritual experience I have had to this day was with Breathwork. In fact I have written about this on Medium: 

What I didn't mention in this article was that my phobias, such as fear of heights , balloons, butterflies and moths, as well as grass pollen allergy dissolved shortly after. Together with the profound sensory experience I had during the actual Breathwork session, the very fact that I healed from multitude of psychosomatic conditions powerfully showed me the efficacy of this healing modality.

Breathwork is a psychotherapeutic, meditative activity that involves the conscious alteration of natural breathing patterns. Breathwork has been associated with other body-centric practices, such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong.

As is the case with other practices that emphasise body consciousness, breathwork is used to help reduce stress, clear the mind, focus on the moment at hand, and gain personal, psychological, and spiritual insights.

Under the guidance and supervision, your breathwork patterns may speed, slow or otherwise alter your breathing patterns as a means of calming, focusing, and centring you.

What are the Benefits of Breathwork?

In an article in Breathe magazine, Joy Manne PhD described breathwork as having psychological, psychoanalytic, spiritual, cognitive and physical benefits. 'Our breathing takes place in our body,' Dr Manne wrote. 'Through breath-awareness we can find the blockages in our body and by taking our breath to them, work with them and release them. There is no body work that can succeed without using the breath to support it.'

On the website of Breathwork Europe, longtime breathwork practitioner and leader of the Spiritual Breathwork movement describes breathwork in the following terms:

It is very exciting to discover that by focusing on your breath, and by breathing in certain ways, you can awaken healing energies and calming forces within you.

By controlling and directing your breath, you can control and direct many so called 'unconscious' reactions or 'involuntary' processes. Through conscious breathing you can regulate your physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual states.

What Conditions/Disorders Does Breathwork Treat?

Breathwork has been employed in a variety of treatment programs, including those for individuals who have been dealing with grief or loss, trauma, drug addiction, and related emotional and psychological issues.

*Very often during breathwork, the hands curl up into tight balls. This is a harmless bodily response called tetany where your muscles contract involuntarily. This can happen even during gentle to moderate Breathwork and possibly to other parts of the body such as the throat and the jaw. You may also experience tingling in your body, as well as some degree of light-headedness. This is mostly considered safe. However, please consult your physician if you have a pre-existing medical condition which over-oxygenating your physical body may exacerbate.

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* If you feel a session will really help you but are not able to afford the price listed, do please contact me to discuss this and I am sure we can come to an agreement that suits you.