You will learn the foundations of Breathwork for emotional release and transformation.

  • Category: Workshops
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours




In this practical workshop, you will be gently introduced to Conscious Breathwork so you may begin your personal journey to releasing undigested emotions from the past.

Depending on the breathing pattern employed, breathwork can be a cathartic experience where your physical body powerfully releases stuck energies associated with undigested emotions from the past. You may unexpectedly scream, laugh uncontrollably, cry, or wretch (mostly without actually bring up the contents of your stomach).

Breathwork is considered one of the most effective ways to release unprocessed emotions including past traumas. Within Breathwork, there are many ways we can begin to release our unprocessed emotions. My best educated guess would be all human beings are carrying unprocessed emotions lodged in our physical bodies; many, many layers of them. When done gently, the aftereffects of Breathwork can be heart-warming and euphoric. Sometimes that's exactly what we need.

*Very often during breathwork, the hands curl up into tight balls. This is a harmless bodily response called tetany where your muscles contract involuntarily. This can happen even during gentle to moderate Breathwork and possibly to other parts of the body such as the throat and jaw. You may also experience tingling in your body, as well as some degree of light-headedness. This is mostly considered safe. However, please consult your physician if you have a pre-existing medical condition which over-oxygenating your physical body may exacerbate.

* If you feel a session will really help you but are not able to afford the price listed, do please contact me to discuss this and I am sure we can come to an agreement that suits you.